One of those fortnights

It has been nothing short of a comical fortnight as I have been frantically trying to get myself organised for fieldwork. At some point I thought I would be without a roof for the next phase of my project. Given the focus of my research, the irony of it all is not lost on me, if only the reality of those living through housing issues and homelessness also came with quick fix solutions like the one I found.

In the next couple of weeks I get to interview some fantastic people who have been committed to driving real change for communities and individuals that are disadvantaged across New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and parts of Australia. It’s not everyday such an opportunity arises and I’m excited to interview the superheroes tirelessly labouring to ensure those in need get access to the necessary support and services .

Not only do I get to meet these everyday superheroes, but I get to explore parts of Sydney I would ordinarily not venture to. Having gone on a few field trips, I’ve quickly learnt how therapeutic and amusing the travel time to and from sessions is. I am encountering another side of this city that is rather fascinating yet disturbing.

I get to see privilege ‘comfortably’ reside with poverty and it is such a jarring sight to behold. Quite frankly it does evoke a cocktail of emotions that I am yet to fully understand. Pictorially, it would be the equivalent of witnessing a lion ‘freely’ stride down the street in antelope territory. It is vexing!

Also vexing in the last period has been the planning component of my project and my growing dislike for admin tasks. I honestly thought that coordinating my own calendar and schedules would be easy but in the last week I have found myself thinking that God almighty needs to send me an assistant with a passion for admin because it kinda makes me question my will and desire to live on some days!

I’m actually good at it, but dealing with the realisation that time spent planning in this context is time taken away from the more exciting research related stuff is a bit frustrating. So I’m relearning something I thought I had mastered well – the art of waiting and being patient!

For all the buzz around ‘Alexa’, I think it scandalous that she can’t quite complete the key tasks irking at me. For this reason I will not be ‘adopting her’… *sighs*…yes, it definitely has been one of those periods and yes, I’ve had one too many ‘what is the meaning of life moments?’ in the last fortnight. I guess this is what they meant when they said ‘you will have your days’.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thoroughly excited at seeing my project come to life and I’m beginning to realise where my work will potentially sit in the grand narrative of public policy and the social sector! I guess I’m just a tad impatient and would rather skip some steps, but that defeats the purpose of learning. Pray for me.

Curious to know though, how do you get through ‘your days?’


  1. Hey! Omg, you were so close to where I live (the black building in your photo, the one with with many windows… though I need to move out in 2 months so now I’m back on the house hunt for what seems like the seventh time 14 months). When I read your post I found myself relating so much with it. I, too, thought that coordinating schedules and admin would be easy but wow these things really add up and by the end of the day I find yself having done nothing but admin. I love what I do, and need to remember to be patient (and resilient). Thank you for writing this post! I really needed to read it 🙂


    • Oh wow Sujith! I have been making a number of trips to this area in the last couple of weeks. Still have a few more trips there too, quite an interesting area. Hopefully you will find another house soon, I absolutely dislike house hunting. Happy to also be towards the end of the coordination process, it does get a bit taxing after the first week and the initial excitement dies!


  2. Curious to know though, how do you get through ‘your days?’: answering your question, I find that when I get overwhelmed, I have a tendency to tune out the world. I completely disconnect and there is a sense of peace in that but also a drawback. Issues don’t just disappear magically so I’m learning to live actively and not passively.


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