Author Coaching Services

The role of an Author Coach is to guide you on your writing
and publishing journey including the launch. They are there to help you achieve your writing goals from
having an idea to having the completed book in your reader’s hands.

Depending on where you are on your journey the guidance they can provide may include:

• defining your ideal reader, drafting an outline and getting the structure for your book
• working through the logic of the book, identifying gaps, providing feedback on your writing style
• creating a project plan for the process

• advice on making decisions about a range of
things like editors, proofers, designers,
distribution and planning for the launch.

What services do I offer?

My role is to provide guidance on the process, support and help with thinking through key components of the project. This includes:
• Working with writers from the inception stage and helping them flesh out their story /concept and thinking through the logic, identifying the reader and planning for the project.
• Working with writers who are midway or just completed their manuscript – I provide structural edit services i.e. read through the manuscript and provide high level feedback and suggestions on the flow and logic.
• Project management guidance for established Christian authors who are interested in self
publishing. This includes guidance and advice on a range of things that include designers, distributors, printers and book launches. Where needed, I may assist with sourcing/searching for vendors.

Past Projects

I have worked on the following projects :

Interested in speaking about your project?

I’ll be taking on new projects and running group coaching sessions from the second quarter of 2023. However, if you would like to have an intial conversation get in touch for an obligation free complimentary conversation about your project.

You can get in touch via email on or you can get in touch here!

Eugenia Fadzai
Blogger, Author Coach and Public Policy Analyst

• I believe everyone is uniquely made and loved by God and we are all designed to impact and change the world.
• I wear many hats and get joy from serving people from all walks of life. As an Author Coach, I work with individuals interested in self publishing.
• By training, I am a researcher with over 8 years of experience in public policy evaluation.
• I am currently completing my PhD which focuses on Australian advocacy in housing and homelessness policy.